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Frequently asked questions


Can you set up your espresso cart outside?

You know it! As long as it doesn’t rain and we have a flat surface to set up on, it’s no problem at all! 

Is there a limit to the amount of drinks my guests can order?

No way! We will be slinging coffee for the entire duration of your event, want to try our entire menu? Lets do it, Want to take shots of espresso before every song at your wedding to dominate that dance floor? Lets go!

(we do not recommend taking that many shots of espresso you might be up for 5 days straight. Well maybe you'll get those thank you cards out quickly, You do you.) 

Do I need to provide water, cups, or a table for you to set up on?

The only thing you need to provide is some caffeine thirsty guests. We have everything else covered.


What kind of coffee do you use? Do you roast your own? 

We are a multi roaster coffee bar. Currently we have a great selection from Mountaineer Coffee in Brooksville, FL and Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC. 

Dude we're in Florida it's 100° outside why would I want coffee at my event?

Working outside we have learned to use the heat as our friend. We have crafted many iced drinks that are refreshing and delicious. Maybe try our Lavender Vanilla cold brew, or our refreshing peach tea lemonade. 

Do you offer flavored lattes?

We have seasonal menus and are always trying new recipes, but we always have our signature flavors such as Lavender Vanilla, Blueberry Vanilla, Mocha, and more. We will send you our menu offering for the season of your event so you can see our full line up. Want us to create your brides favorite drink for your wedding? Or  maybe just create something special for you, let us know we would love to work with you.

Do you offer decaf coffee?

You know it. We want everyone to enjoy our coffee drinks.



How does pricing work? 

Our pricing is based on the amount of people that are at your event and what kind of set up you would like. Head over to our event inquiry page to get a quote. 

Can I pay with credit/debit card online?

Yes, we accept credit/debit.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We ask for 2 weeks minimum, but recommend booking as soon as possible to make sure your date is available.



Piccolo? What does that mean?

In Italian, "Piccolo" simply means "small", and that's just what we are.  Small business, small coffee bar, small beginnings. Although our name means small, we have a pretty big vision. Follow our crazy ride on social media accounts. 

Where is your brick and mortar shop?

You can now enjoy all of your favorites on the daily at our newest espresso bar inside The Deli Downtown in the heart of Winter Garden's historic downtown!

Pop on by the bar, enjoy one of our signature FL honey or lavender vanilla lattes, and take it easy.

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